November 29th, 2022 - 

    On November 19th, the Proctor Rockin' Rails Special Olympic team had seven athletes attend the state bowling competition in Grand Rapids, MN.  The participants who qualified were: Tanis Halverson, Aiden Murphy, Isabel Kellar, Brooke Mitchell, Abe Simpson, Sophia Hendrickson and Carly Barnstorf.  

    The athletes competed in team doubles and singles this year.  Athletes are placed into state divisions based on age, abilities, and scores. This is why there were multiple places that are the same. The following are the results:

Three personal record scores broken by Brooke Mitchell, Abe Simpson, and Sophia Hendrickson. 

Team Doubles Awards: 
2nd place finishers: Aiden Murphy and Isabel Kellar
1st place finishers: Carly Barnstorf and Sophia Hendrickson; Abe Simpson and Brooke Mitchell

Single Awards: 
4th place finisher: Isabel Kellar
3rd place finisher: Aiden Murphy
2nd place finishers: Sophia Hendrikson, Abe Simpson, Carly Barnstorf
1st place finisher: Brooke Mitchell