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This year's editor: Brita Berglund

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January 19th, 2023

Night To Shine: A Prom for Everyone by Mason Archibald

Dear Proctor High School students, staff, and community members;

    On Friday February 10th, 2023, Proctor High School will be hosting the 7th annual Night To Shine event started by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Night To Shine is a prom for people with special needs who may not have otherwise gotten the opportunity to go to a school dance.

    However, the prom does not just accept high school aged students. Anyone fourteen or older is welcome to register, and the prom typically welcomes guests all the way up into their eighties. No matter their age, guests are crowned king or queen of the prom which is beautiful because they experience a level of joy that so few people get to experience in high school.

    This year, guests register for the event at 5 PM. Then they pass through hair, makeup, and shoe shining stations. After the guests are all dressed up in suits and dresses, limos come to pick them up and drive them to the famous red carpet. Each guest is given a flower, a crown, and their picture is taken by a professional. 

    Afterward, the guests will be treated to a full catered dinner before spending the night dancing, singing, and playing games. This year a photo booth, giant dice game, spin to win game, karaoke, and the traditional dance will be offered. One of the co-directors, Mollie Haag, said that her favorite part of the event was launching confetti cannons which sounds totally awesome.

    In my opinion, the most incredible thing about this event is the similarities between this event and a traditional prom. This is very special to me because as a person with a disability, I often find myself stuck between the special needs world and the rest of society. This event proves that everyone has a place in this world, and we all deserve to be celebrated no matter what challenges we may face. 

    Amazingly, in the Proctor area, Night To Shine is put on solely by 10 sponsors and donations from the community. Along with these donations, the event takes over 200 volunteers to put on. Positions ranging from cosmetics to buddies are available. I highly recommend being a buddy, or the companion of your guest for the night because according to former volunteers, you may get a glimpse into this special world and all the beautiful things that accompany it. If you would like more information on how you can donate your time or items, visit