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The Mallet is the student generated newspaper for Proctor High School.  The first issue was published in the Proctor Journal on October 9th, 1925.  We are celebrating our 97th year of publication this year. See below for weekly/monthly articles!

The Mallet is produced nine times per year and is printed by the Proctor Journal.  Currently the Mallet is on a streak of not missing a deadline in 48 years.  

Students must be selected to be a reporter for the paper and are recommended by the English Dept of PHS.  Editors are chosen each year from the reporter pool for the next year.  

Editors help to design the paper, write for the website, edit content, take photos, both for the paper and for the web and are responsible for the production of the paper.

This year's editor: Brita Berglund

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October 25th, 2022 - Election Season, Get Out and Vote - By Brita Berglund

    With Election season coming around, politicians are ramping up to advocate for their campaigns. An influx of political news may be appearing in mailboxes or signs may be popping up in yards. This can go for any neighborhood in the United States. The city of Proctor is approaching its general election starting November 5th for absentee votes. The school board elections are also set to take place on November 8th. 

    There are four seats open which are currently filled by Larry Shelton, Joe Ward, Lynn Peterson, and Amy Pocrnich. All of whom are up for re-election. Two other candidates are filed which include, Tom Covington, and Derek Parendo. 

    In the general election, there is tough competition, especially in who becomes Governor. The spots for State Senator and State Representative are also up for grabs.

The two strongest candidates or most advertised candidates for Governor have been Scott Jensen, who is the Republican candidate, and Tim Walz who is the Democratic candidate running for re-election.

The candidates for State Senator include Republican Andrea Zupancich and Democrat Grant Hauschild. The State Representative candidates are Republican Natalie Zeleznikar and Democrat Mary Murphy, who is up for re-election. 

    No matter the party affiliation, it is important to get out and vote if you are eligible to do so. The futures of not only Minnesota families and workers are dependent on who is in office, but the State itself. To check if you are eligible to vote, visit the ProctorMN.government website. There is more information on the elections and contact information if there are any questions on the elections.