Academic Policies

Academic Eligibility

MSHSL Bylaw 103.00 


Cross Reference: Bylaw 108 (Scholastic Eligibility)

Please Note: For transfer eligibility purposes participation in a school program is considered full enrollment at that school.

MSHSL Bylaw 108.00


Cross Reference: Bylaw 103 (Credit Requirements)

1. Students must be making satisfactory progress towards the school’s requirements for graduation. The school where
the student is fully enrolled and regularly attends shall determine satisfactory progress.

2. Students in special classes must be making satisfactory progress toward the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

3. Exceptions to Scholastic Eligibility:

A. If the school principal and personnel from an agency such as a residential treatment center, mental health
clinic, county welfare department or family service agency diagnose the psychological needs of a student and
jointly determine that effective treatment for the student includes the option of participation in League
activities. This determination does not supersede any transfer or good standing eligibility suspensions.

B. If a student is transferred from one school to another upon the recommendation of a professional social service
agency and is agreed upon by the principals of the schools involved. The League must be informed of this
exception in a joint statement signed by the school principal and the director of the agency involved. Such
documentation must be sent to the League office 10 days before participation in a League-sponsored activity.

Question. Does the League have a standard definition of “...satisfactory progress toward the school’s requirement for

A. No. This is a minimum scholastic eligibility requirement. Students must meet the requirements established by the local Board of
Education in order to be eligible to compete in League activities.