Welcome to the Proctor Mallet

The Mallet is the student generated newspaper for Proctor High School.  The first issue was published in the Proctor Journal on October 9th, 1925.  We are celebrating our 96th year of publication this year.

The Mallet is produced nine times per year and is printed by the Proctor Journal.  Currently the Mallet is on a streak of not missing a deadline in 48 years.  

Students must be selected to be a reporter for the paper and are recommended by the English Dept of PHS.  Editors are chosen each year from the reporter pool for the next year.  

Editors help to design the paper, write for the website, edit content, take photos, both for the paper and for the web and are responsible for the production of the paper.

This year's editor is: Brita Berglund

To purchase a subscription or any other questions regarding the Mallet please contact Adviser Mr. Nathan Johnson at 218 624-4926 ext 1052 or at

To visit the Mallet website click here: The Mallet