Rules for Golf from MSHSL

Rules for Golf from MSHSL

1.    A team shall consist of a minimum of four (4) players and a maximum of six (6) players.  The score of the team shall be determined by combining the four (4) lowest scores of the six (6) team members.  The team with the lowest aggregate score is the winner. In case of a tie, the fifth player’s score will be used as a tiebreaker.

2.    All matches are stroke play.

3.    No caddies permitted.

4.    Possession of a cell phone or any other electronic communication device by a player during the course of a stipulated round will result in a disqualification of a player.

5.    The use of range finders and any other similar devices may be used, however they cannot be found on a smart phone.

6.    A player who uses vulgar language, throws a golf club, and defaces the golf course in anyway or displays any other unsportsmanlike conduct will be assessed a two-stroke penalty for the first infraction.  The second offense will result in disqualification.  It is the obligation of the player to make the call on oneself.  If she does not, it is the obligation of the other players in the group to call the penalty.  If they do not call the penalty, all players in the group will be subject to disqualification under USGA rule 1-3.  Please abide and enforce others on this rule.

7.    A player may not seek or accept advice from anyone while competing on the course.  “On the course” is interpreted as from the time the player tees off on the first hole until after she holes out on the last hole each day.  Spectators must maintain a minimum distance of 25 yards from all players.  Normal player/coach communication and contact, other than advice, may take place from green to tee during the regular season.

8.    The “Pocket Rule.”  A golfer may not carry a ball on her other than the ball in play, during competition.  If another ball is to be used, the player must take the ball from her bag and announce to her group that a ball has been lost or that a second ball will be played.  A golfer may not carry a ball in her pocket or have such a ball on her person. The penalty for carrying a second ball will be two strokes per incident.

9.    A person’s ball must be marked in order to identify it.  Please create your own way of marking your ball using a permanent marker.

10.No motorized cart may be used during the season.  Exceptions must be filed through the MSHSL. Pull carts are allowed.  See your coach for further details.

11.Proper attire is required on the course.  Clothing or hats displaying products that are inappropriate to MSHSL principles (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) are not acceptable.

12. All players must abide by the USGA rules.  Be aware and be knowledgeable of these rules.

13. Pace of Play – Each player is responsible for playing without undue delay.  Each group of players should be approximately one starting interval behind the preceding group throughout the entire round.  Always be aware of your position on the course. A player is permitted 40 seconds to play a stroke.  Timing starts when the player has a reasonable time to reach her ball, it is clearly the players turn to play and nothing interferes with the player’s ability to play the stroke.  Timing on the putting green begins after a player has had a reasonable amount of time to repair ball marks and remove loose impediments on the line of the putt. When a group is OUT OF POSITION they will automatically be under official warning.  A verbal warning is not required for to under an official warning. In review, PLAY READY GOLF!

14. Coaching on the course is permitted by varsity and junior varsity coaches only.  Coaches may talk to their players anywhere on the course EXCEPT when the player’s ball lies on the putting green.  Coaches may NOT enter a bunker to coach their players. Coaches must be identified by the Committee prior to the start of a round.